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Miami Quality Movers Services

Easy and affordable moving planning all for you.

Pre-Moving Services

    Preparing your kitchen - This includes cleaning and drying the dishes. Doing a thorough pantry check, tightening lids, and discarding items not suitable for transport.

    Organizing your belongings - Sorting items for storage, shipping, freight and packing. Have valuable items, passports, airline tickets, and keys separated.

    Assisting with your move - Packing your fragile and delicate belongings.

    Giving you a helping hand - Cleaning washing machine, checking clothing; discarding dangerous goods not suitable for transport such as paint, pesticides, gas cylinders, etc

Post-Moving Services

Once our movers have unloaded, we pay complete attention to helping you settle in:

    Unpacking - Wipe cupboards and shelves ready for your belongings; unpack cartons and place contents into cupboards; organize toys of children and baby goods; and empty packing cartons and have them ready for collection.

    Completing the post-moving services - Place food items in pantry and fridge; organize your new wardrobe, put away and hang your clothing; set up your bedroom and make the beds; organize and sort the linen cupboard; arrange books neatly on book shelves; place your silverware and crystal; and arrange CDs, DVDs etc in their new place.

You decide what you need and we will decide how we can best help you!

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